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Like Herbal Health Center is a trading / agent / distributor of herbal medicines in accordance with the Sunnah Islamic Rosululloh SAW.
The products we market are registered by the Ministry of Health / BPOM, so safe to be consumed or traded back. While the capsule that is used has been certified HALAL MUI.

Get up to 40% DISCOUNT ( For certain herbs) .
Can purchase more NEGO ( For certain Herbal) .

Transfer Account no:
* Bank Niaga Jakarta cab: 925 017 240 8118
a / n. Aris Suryono
* Bank BCA cab bekasi: 066 26 88 086
a / n. Aris Suryono

Thank God until we currently distribute more than 500 kinds of products Thibbun Nabawi & Herbs from various manufacturers.

Producers who have become our partners include:

A. Vicomas International ( habbatus Cap Kurma Ajwa Seed, spirulina, Innolife sauda, habbafit, obahama, superhabbafit etc.)
2. Tazakka ( taro Rats, Purwoceng etc.)
3. Griya Herba ( uric acid, cholesterol, ulcer, etc.)
4. Royal Al Manar ( Afiah Fit, Royal Uratic etc.)
5. Herbalindo ( Queen Slim, Ambextra etc.)
6. Al Biruni ( Gurah Biruni, herbamaag etc.)
7. Vermindo ( Roots of Olives, Vermint etc.)
8. Herbal palaces ( Blue Slimming, Herbal Therapy Kelambli girl etc.)
9. Sari Bunga ( Rosela karkadeh Egypt, Egyptian Honey, Bee Pollen, etc.)
10. PT.Habbats International ( Habbah sauda, olives, Sari dates etc.)
11. Nurusy Shifa ( osteophytes, gamat 100% , Spirulina, Anti TB, etc.)
12. Al Wadey ( Super Forest Honey, Honey Fertile Gynecology, Pregnancy Honey etc.)
13. Food Salamah ( Habbah sauda, Ja ' Faron etc.)
14. Shifa Al Arab ( Arab Al Shifa Honey 1 kg, 500 gr, 250 gr, 125 gr)
15. As salaamah ( Olive Shampoo, Honey Propolis, Honey Spirulina etc.)
16. Herbal cottage ( Black Seed Oil Capsules, Ginger Kaffah etc.)
17. Al Hijaz ( Minya capsule Seed, Black Seed capsules blessing etc.)
18. Basmallah Food ( Basmallah Seed, Olives, BSF etc.)
19. Naturaid ( Otem, THM, Power Cleanser, Honey Muwallad, Miga Olives, Honey Zulu, Zulu Natural etc.)
20. Ghuroba ( habbatusa sauda Ghuroba, Honey wilderness, Sari Red Ginger AG, AG Olives, Oil Seed Habbah, Sari dates Mumtaza etc.)
21. As Syifau ( Forest Honey Bee Pollen + As syifau)
22. NeoHerba ( Madinah Al Quba palm juice, olive shampoo, honey turkey, honey Kashmir etc.)
23. CV.surya Gemilang ( Almina Cumin Honey, Honey Child Almina, Almina palm juice, etc.)
24. CV.ManisWangi ( Mahabbah 3 in1) .
25. Herbal guidance ( Guidance Ginger)
26. Amanah ginger
27.CV.Haifa ( Honey Zein, Zein palm juice, Honey Child Zein, etc.)
28.Naturlite ( palm juice Tamr Naturlite, Oil Capsules Black Seed, Black Seed Honey, etc.)
29.Hudzaifa Qahira Food ( Olive Marwah, Seed manliness etc.)
30.Barokah ( Herbal Honey Barokah)
31.Multi Barokah ( 3 Herbal Remedy, etc.)
Dates 32.Sari AL Jazira
Dates 33.Sari Sahara
34.Gurah Qolbun salim ( Gurah As Shifa, Gurah Women As Shifa etc.)
35.HerbaCare99 ( Graptolin, X-Tron)
36. Al Kautsar ( Bulus Oil, Natural enlargement etc.)
37. Cupping tool
38. DLL.

The products that we distribute from our manufacturers in the include: Assorted local and imported honey, various kinds of Black Seed ( Black Cumin) , Various kinds of Olive, Propolis, Rosela, Spirulina, Gamat, Bee Pollen, Zam-zam, Various types of Sari Dates, Assorted Teas, Assorted Cosmetics Islami, various oils, cupping tool, Assorted Herbal Indonesia ( Mahkota Dewa, Keladi mice) , ETC.

Flexi: 021-3364 5885
XL: 087 887 36 1010 ( sms)
AS: 0852 197 55 600
sukaaris@ gmail.com
arrumaisyalove@ gmail.com
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